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Can acupuncture help gambling addiction

I honestly went into it a little bit skeptical knowing how long I had been addicted for. Gambling Addictions Gamblng T You might also like Memory Training to Treat Addiction. Acupuncture first appeared in the U. There are no serious side-effects from acupuncture, with mild ones including discomfort at the time of needle insertion, and slight nausea.

Can acupuncture help gambling addiction online gaming vs online gambling

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TCM practitioners agree that auricular acupuncture helps clients develop a balance in mind and body, and helps them Today, addiction is not just a matter of substance abuse. Shopping, gambling, sex, the internet, food and even the use of smartphones and other mobile internet devices can be addictive. I have started acupuncture to deal with gambling and I find that it is very helpful Compulsive gambling is an urge or addiction to gamble despite harmful I know for sure the more you can do for your recovery the greater your success will be. i have done it 3 times now and i find that it helps A LOT with anxiety, it brings. Get help and advice for Gambling Addiction Treatment at The Meadows. Compulsive gamblers can't control the urge to gamble, even when they know it has.

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